Kaveri Plasto Containers

Kaveri Plasto Containers is one of the best water storage tank manufacturer in India, based in Bangaluru, Karnataka. With more than 10k customers.

About the Website

CATEGORY: Business portfolio / Corporate website.
OBJECTIVE: Ranking on desired keywords nationwide.
SERVICE: Search Engine Optimization

Service overview

Kaveri Tanks is a big name in the water containers industries, they wanted to rank on all keywords nation-wide, it wasn’t easy but neither imposibble for us.

Steps taken :

1. Page speed improvement by minimizing and removing unused CSS, JS.
2. Fixing all website issues
3. Competitor keyword analysis to understand the competition
4. SEO optimizing the website with relevant keywords
5. Performing quality backlinks on high DA websites
6. Focusing on a group of keywords to maintain and improve the keyword positions